Struggling with Depression?

TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is the most modern and effective depression treatment currently available. It is Health Canada approved, Safe and Non-invasive. Over 100, 000 people with treatment-resistant depression have already been treated globally with deep TMS. Now available in Ottawa for the first time.

  • 82% of people experience a response
  • 65% of people experience remission (return to your normal level of social functioning)

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What are the benefits?

Safe & Approved

TMS is an evidence based treatment that is Health Canada approved and effective for treatment-resistant depression and OCD.


TMS uses magnetic pulses to change your brain. No daily medications or their bothersome long-term side effects (eg. Weight gain, sexual side effects).

Fast & Effective

Treat your depression in 3 weeks. 82 % of patients experience a response and 65 % experience remission with 30-50 sessions of treatment.


Sessions are scheduled around your hectic life to have as little impact as possible.

TMS Life was founded by our psychiatrist Dr. Chris Taplin, MD to bring the most modern and effective mental health treatments to Ottawa.

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